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About Us

Professional Security Services in Houston, Texas

About the Company

Defense Patrol and Investigations, a Texas Corporation licensed by the Department of Public Safety Private Security Division, offers a highly dedicated team of armed and unarmed security officers stationed at offices in Houston, Austin, and Dallas. It is our goal to deliver Professional Security Services in Houston, Texas of entirely different levels, setting the standard for other companies in our industry.

We are more than just mere professionals you hire to protect you or your business. We are family, and we will strive to build not only solid working relationships, but genuine and lasting friendships with you and your staff. Whether you are a non-profit, industrial, professional, or commercial organization, our one-of-a-kind security team will always be more than equipped to cater to your wide range of security and safety needs.

Why Choose Us?

  • Choosing Defense Patrol and Investigations (DPI) means you have selected nothing less than the best. We believe you should stick to that choice as that is, in fact, what you deserve.
  • Our exceptional security services and solutions help you produce savings. You won’t have to worry about vandalism, defaced property or equipment, or high overhead and maintenance costs.
  • We help you maintain a stellar public relations image through our exceptional, polite, and highly-trained employees.
  • Being a recipient of our services does not only mean access to our manpower, it also guarantees the surpassing of your needs at every turn.
  • Your company deserves the BEST – we could not stress this enough. And you know it as well!
  • With Defense Patrol and Investigations (DPI) offering you security solutions and support, you are definitely assured of nothing less than consistently outstanding results.

police with a badgeOur Professional Security Team

  • Security Officers in Austin, Dallas, and Houston Offices
  • Unarmed and Armed Security Officers
  • Patrol Officers
  • Bodyguards
  • Uniformed Officers


  • By selecting Defense Patrol and Investigations, as your security contractor, your choice will have full confidence that you have selected the best. Your company deserves the best offered by Defense Patrol and Investigations.
  • Having security produces savings that come to light after the performance. Preventions are vandalism, defacing of property and equipment, lowered overhead and maintenance costs, & concerned security officers.
  • Extremely important is the public relations image. Exceptionable security, polite & concerned, contributes to public & employees attitudes.
  • When offering our services, there is more than applying basic needs & manpower to our assignments. Each individual or team meets the requirements of their duties.
  • Wherever a need exists, we have special forms & reports to deal with each client’s security requirements.
  • Your company deserves the best concerned, professional security coverage.
  • You can be confident that Defense Patrol and Investigations is offering excellent performance for clients & their customers.

Our Unique Approach to Crime Prevention

Defense Patrol and Investigations prides itself on the consistent application of tactical approaches instead of the rarely effective and panic-inducing traditional methods and accusations. Our security personnel have gone through all the latest security training and seminars which have fully equipped them with the necessary knowledge and skills to be of the best service to the community.

Don’t hesitate to direct your questions and inquiries to our incredibly accommodating representatives. They would be happy to tell you more about our agency and what we stand for. Partner with us today by calling 281-769-3696 or sending an email to info@mydpisecurity.com.