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Signs That Your Business Needs a Security Service

Small businesses have to deal with the reality that theft and other crimes can occur on their premises. Some businesses, such as banks and convenience stores, may be more of a target for thieves and criminals, but any business can be a victim of a crime.

Guards and security patrol services can be used to maintain security, prevent crime, and assist employees and customers.

But how do you know that hiring security guard services in Texas is the best option for your business?

Defense Patrol and Investigations, a reliable provider of professional security services in Houston, Texas, lists down 3 indicators that your business needs a security guard.

  1. Your facility is located in a high crime area.

    Businesses in high crime areas need a security guard. Hiring a security guard can be a great precautionary measure. The sight of a trained security guard acts as a deterrent and may discourage criminals from going after your business.

    Note: “High crime areas” don’t automatically mean a bad neighborhood. For instance, it could also be a business located in a sparsely-populated rural area.

  2. There are parking lot safety issues.

    Muggings, theft, and vandalism frequently occur in unattended parking lots. This is why many people feel unsafe walking to their cars at night, especially if the parking area is not well-lit. Having a security guard patrol your parking lot can ensure the safety of your employees, customers, and property.

  3. You are planning to open up your work premises to visitors.

    Whether you own a laboratory, a large corporation, or a film studio and you are planning to open up your work premises to visitors so that they can see the work you are doing, hiring a security agency is a good idea. A security agency can make a visitation plan to ensure that your visitors don’t stray into out-of-bound areas. It is a smart way to protect yourself from property and intellectual theft.


These are just some circumstances that warrant hiring a security guard company. Whether you have the same concerns, or if you are simply concerned about your business’ security, you should get one.

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