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Top Gears Security Guards Should Have

Top Gears Security Guards Should Have

When seeking professional security services in Houston, Texas, you don’t only need to check their licenses and qualifications. It is imperative to check whether or not they are well-equipped with the gears needed for protection. Here are the top gears every guard should have:

  • Flashlight
    Some private body guards are tasked to watch over their clients while they are out and about during the day. However, there are also those who are in charge of protecting their clients round-the-clock. When night comes, these guards should be equipped with easy-to-carry flashlights to provide visibility, especially in cases when extra light is needed.
  • Baton
    Professionals providing security guard services in Texas should have a baton to protect themselves and the property they are patrolling. Carrying a baton is already a deterrent for those who have malicious intentions.
  • Mini First Aid Kit
    Guards on security patrol services don’t only need to secure the area when there are incidents. They also need to be able to provide first aid when people are injured, regardless if it is a minor or serious one. The guard must carry a mini first aid kit with them while on patrol.
  • Security Guard Belt
    This is an important piece of equipment for security guards. This particular belt makes it easy for the them to carry a flashlight, pepper spray, and many other essential tools for guarding a person or property. They can even organize these tools so that they can easily pull them out when needed.

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