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VIP Protection: Who Needs It?

VIP Protection: Who Needs It?

VIP protection is a high-demand for high-profile individuals, who may face malicious threats. With this, our firm offers streamlined, personalized, and professional security services in Houston, Texas.

So who exactly needs VIP protection? Here are some of the people whose lifestyle or circumstances warrant them to have private bodyguards by their side:

  • Celebrities
    It isn’t rare for some celebrities’ fans to be fascinated to the point of obsession. These obsessed fans are considered to be a threat to a celebrity’s life and privacy. Having a bodyguard is a way to deal with dangerous stalkers and overeager fans.
  • Political figures
    There’s a lot at stake in politics. It is common for politicians with opposing views to come to blows, even to the point of staking their lives. With politicians being exposed to this high level of danger, many of them surround themselves with cream-of-the-crop agents from a reputable security guard company to protect them at all times.
  • People with a high net worth
    People with lots of money are in danger of being kidnapped or assassinated. Having a bodyguard keeps not only their lives safe but also their possessions.
  • People in unusual situations
    If you are a person who recently witnessed a crime, escaped domestic violence, or victimized by a stalker, take advantage of security guard services in Texas to protect yourself.

For VIP and other security matters, Defense Patrol and Investigations is always ready to serve you. Call us today!

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